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Dubai-United Arab Emirates
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Reem Owais
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+97150-651 10 51
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With over 30-year experience in several regions of the world, Reem Owais, a practicing consultant interpreter, has served hundreds of bilingual and multilingual events in the Arabian Gulf and beyond.

Clients Served: government departments, private sector entities, multinational companies and groups, international organizations.

Events Served: conferences, training courses and seminars, film festivals, bilateral and multilateral meetings, one-to-one business meetings. Many conferences served had parallel and break-out sessions. Can handle events with complicated logistical requirements.

Modes of Translation: Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered.

Teams Formed: teams of professional interpreters with international proven records, mainly AIIC members and candidates, covering a range of international languages. Very strict professional criteria are respected when choosing interpretation team members.

Service Provided: once a client sends a full description of the event, a comprehensive proposal is sent with the mode of interpretation suggested, number of interpreters required, the equipment & number of technicians needed, and the full cost, including travel & accommodation requirements, if any. All team members are sourced, all logistics are taken care of, in addition to on-site supervision to guarantee that everything goes smoothly and efficiently.

Advantage for Clients: profound understanding of the UN system, events industry, conference servicing, and a combined experience with private and public sector entities. One-stop-solution for professional interpretation services. World-wide network of contacts with fellow-interpreters, long-term relations with providers of related conference services.

Advantage of Interpreters: profound knowledge and respect of AIIC working conditions, and special attention to colleagues’ requirements while on venue.