About AIIC

AIIC is the only global association of conference interpreters. Since the very early days of modern conference interpreting, AIIC has promoted high standards of quality and ethics in the profession and represented the interests of its practitioners.

Who are we?

AIIC is an open and representative professional organisation of staff and freelance conference interpreters, with over 3,000 members in 100 different countries.


What do we do?

AIIC is active in all areas affecting conference interpreting and works for the benefit of all conference interpreters and for the profession as a whole.

AIIC sets professional and ethical standards for the profession and promotes the working conditions that high quality interpreting requires. The Association also contributes its expertise to ensure that future generations of interpreters will be trained to today's high standards.


Joining AIIC

Membership of AIIC is through a peer-review system based on sponsorship. See our admission criteria and download an application pack. The candidate's guide gives practical advice.


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